Visit Your Loved One at Abbington for Easter

Our residents at Abbington Assisted Living Centers love to celebrate holidays. And, Easter is a favorite. Weather permitting, it is a great day to visit your loved one and get him or her out into the fresh air. Take a short walk or just sit and visit in the warm Spring sunshine and say goodbye to cold, dreary weather.

How About a Personalized Easter Basket

Another idea is to bring a personalized Easter Basket. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but can be one that’s filled with personal touches from home. Anything that is homemade is a real treat for our residents: cookies, candy, bread. They love it! And, if there are children in the family, homemade cards from great-grandchildren can be displayed in their living space and remain and be cherished long after the day is over. Dried fruit is long lasting and it is not perishable, so it is a good choice for your Easter Basket.

Maybe you can include a picture frame in the basket, and while everyone is all dressed up for Easter, take a picture of the family. You can then have it printed and bring it back at a later date for that frame. It will give our resident something to look forward to receiving. Games, puzzles, snacks and magazines are always a hit and can last for a long time.

Whatever you can think of that will bring on a smile, you can add to your Easter Basket. It is a little like putting together a care package for a college student.  It should be filled with anything and everything that brings home to your loved one.

Remember, the best gift you can give to your Abbington Assisted Living Centers resident is your time. Easter may be a busy family day, but carving out enough time to really visit and create some memories for your loved one is the best gift to include in an Easter Basket.

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