All-Inclusive Monthly Rates – Abbington Assisted Living is proud to offer monthly, all-inclusive pricing with no surprises.  Abbington’s five central Ohio locations offer full-service assisted living for a monthly rate that is often more affordable than our competition.  Abbington’s all-inclusive pricing is based on the location of the assisted living community, the resident’s room size, and service tier (three tiers).  Other assisted living communities may have “ala carte” pricing for services so that your monthly rate can escalate quickly as you use more services.

How are we able to offer lower pricing and outstanding personal service? Abbington is privately held and locally owned, with its home office in Dublin, Ohio.  We are not a large, publicly traded company seeking to maximize shareholder wealth or meet quarterly earnings numbers.  Abbington has long-term financing and reasonable overhead.  Our officers and owners are directly involved in operations and we put more resources toward direct care than middle management positions.  This enables Abbington to provide outstanding, personalized care for each resident at more affordable rates.  Abbington’s pricing does not indicate lower quality – ask our residents and families.

Abbington’s All-Inclusive Rates – Abbington offers all-inclusive monthly rates range from $4,000 to $5,300, depending on location and service level:

Abbington of Arlington                         

Abbington of Pickerington                          

Abbington of Powell                               

Liberty Village (Chillicothe)                        

Windsorwood Place (Coshocton)              

An individual’s monthly rate will depend on the location, their room type, and their service tier (one of three tiers).

Important Comparison Tips – When shopping for assisted living, you may be quoted a monthly rate that is lower than Abbington’s rate; however, the rate quoted may only be the room rental rate and may not include services.  It is important to ask the costs for meals, personal care services (such as bathing assistance, dressing assistance, transfer assistance, etc.), nursing services, medication administration, wellness services, transportation, laundry service, housekeeping service, cable television, phone services, etc.  If you don’t ask for these costs upfront, you may be surprised when you get your bill.

At Abbington, the aforementioned services are included in the monthly, all-inclusive rate – no surprises.  The only additional costs at Abbington are nominal fees for visitor meals, monthly pet fee (for approved, small pets), and long-distance transportation (ask about transportation costs, those may vary by location).