Windsorwood Place – Makes Life Easier

We value the independence of our residents. At Windsorwood Place Assisted Living, residents don’t depend on their children for assistance with daily living and this helps maintain their independence.  When families visit, instead of worrying about eating habits, medication, and housekeeping or yard maintenance, the family visits can be relaxing, happy. When our residents host their family or friends are focused on visiting with one another and enjoying one another’s company. That’s what assisted living is all about. Now life can be enjoyed.

While residents’ independence is promoted, they are not alone and assistance is readily available. Our trained staff are available 24 hours a day. Residents can get assistance with any daily activity. Compassionate staff members are there to make life easier.

Windsorwood Place really feels like home. Fellow residents become friendly neighbors. Cozy fireplaces and parlors give character to the surroundings. And the private rooms have enough space for personal touches. It’s not a hotel or a hospital. The room becomes your own. Pictures and decorations are encouraged. It’s not just a place to live, it’s home.

Nothing from July 13, 2024 to August 13, 2024.

Windsorwood Place Assisted Living Community has been proudly serving the Coshocton area since 1994. Abbington acquired the community in 2003 and has continued its tradition of outstanding service and quality care in Coshocton.

You will appreciate the comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Please call Betsy Crossley, Executive Director, at (740) 623-4600 to schedule a personal tour.

Windsorwood Place Assisted Living Community is a beautiful, single-story building consisting of 50 residential apartments, abundant common area amenities, an interior courtyard, and walking paths. The community is located on the corner of Brown’s Lane and 2nd Street, adjacent to the Coshocton County Senior Center. Numerous dining and shopping establishments are located nearby.

Windsorwood Place
255 Browns Lane
Coshocton, OH 43812
(740) 623-4600

Testimonials and Reviews

  • Connie, Resident
    As I think about my experience here at Abbington of Pickerington all I can say is “Thank you!” There are staff members here that have been instrumental in my stay. Leaving my home has been really hard and some days I miss it a great deal and have had to rely on the wonderful memories that my family and I shared there. The little things like staff stopping by for a quick visits, receiving a wonderful shower, staff being proactive with the tasks I need help with and even catching my cat when she got out of my room are just a few examples of what I have grown to enjoy. I know Abbington was a great choice!
    Connie, Resident
  • Carolyn, Resident
    On the second day here I said to one of my friends, “This is home!” and that was 1 ½ years ago. Reading in the newspapers about abuse, thefts, or bad care given to people in nursing homes and yes, even in assisted living can scare a person. Here at Abbington you do not have any of this.From the administrator, nurses, aides, cooks, or housekeepers, It is entirely the opposite… And it’s wonderful that even people on Medicaid can live here. I know this a wonderful home as I personally worked in 2 homes in the past. This is my home!
    Carolyn, Resident
  • Lisa, Resident
    I have been very pleased with this organization. Everyone is very pleasant, understanding as well as willing to help the residents. The buildings are very well set up for people to get around comfortably even with wheelchairs or walkers.
    Lisa, Resident
  • Don Parkhill, Son of Lavonne Parkhill
    Mom says they treat her like a queen! The staff has been great and that has made the transition go very well. They’ve made everything so much easier overall.
    Don Parkhill, Son of Lavonne Parkhill
  • Daughter of Dorothy Regula
    The transition has been great! She loves the facility and people here.
    Daughter of Dorothy Regula
  • Steve, Son of Terry Shaw
    The staff made Terry feel welcome and helped to acclimate her to her new environment and routine!
    Steve, Son of Terry Shaw
  • Daughter of Barry Patterson
    The transition went better than I could have imagined. She’s eating very well, which is a big change. She interacts a lot with friends and participates in activities.
    Daughter of Barry Patterson