Five reasons to move into an assisted living community early

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When most people thing of moving into an assisted living community, they think of someone elderly or in need of a great deal of help and support. After all, many folks want to stay independent and in their familiar home, right?

However, there are benefits to moving into to an assisted living community before it is needed and necessary. For some seniors, moving into an assisted living community early can have some real benefits.

If you have a senior loved one – or if you are a senior who is still living independently – here are five reasons why you should consider moving into assisted living early. Read on:

An assisted living community IS a community

Living alone, especially after the death of a spouse or partner, can be lonely. Let’s face it: Your family and friends are busy too and they visit, but it can be isolating to spend so many hours alone. In an assisted living community, there is often a real sense of community—there’s usually someone around to chat with, eat a meal with or even enjoy a movie or board game.

Many seniors suffer from depression and regular socialization can help with that.


Even if you or your senior loved one can live alone, it might not be possible to DO everything independently and that often includes driving. Many assisted living communities offer transportation options, which takes away the worry and burden of trips to the grocery or doctor’s office.


Many seniors have a hard time making and eating healthy meals, because when you live alone, it’s easy to skip dinner or just eat snacks. But at an assisted living community, there are often meal plans available and – even better – you don’t have to eat alone!

No more burden

As a senior citizen, you might occasionally feel like a burden on your adult children. Calling them for rides or asking them to visit can be draining on you – and them. Even if they want to see you or help you out, they are busy with their own lives. Moving to an assisted living community when you start to slow down and need more help – but before it’s a dire circumstance – is a win-win for everyone. You can keep your independence and your children can just enjoy visits.


Imagine a life without the worry of shoveling snow, raking leaves, fixing a leaky toilet or maintaining landscaping. Sounds pretty good right? Your senior loved one has been taking care of a home for decades. It’s time to slow down and relax, pursuing hobbies and interests that they’ve not had time for in years’ past.

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