Benefits of having pets in a residential care facility

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Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, there is no denying that a pet can bring a lot of joy to your life. If you live in a residential care facility, you might be wondering if you can have a pet and whether it’s a good idea.
While every residential care facility is different – and senior citizens are unique as well – pet ownership can have many benefits.

If you are already living a healthy and active life in your residential care facility, you might be wondering if you should add a furry friend to the mix. We say yes, and here are some reasons why. Read on:


Let’s face it: It can be lonely as we age and a pet will make your days happier and healthier – and give you a companion to snuggle with while watching TV or who will greet you when you return home. Having a pet is like having a furry best friend.


Pets give us purpose, as we have to care for someone other than ourselves. Let’s face it: We don’t always do a great job taking care of ourselves as we age, but by getting a pet, you give yourself a reason to get up and be active in your day.

Physical activity

A lot of dogs need daily exercise, and when you get a dog, you should be committed to a daily walk (or two). It’s easy to be a couch potato when you don’t have a little face begging for a quick stroll around the block. Exercise is great for you AND your pet!

Stress relief

There are studies that show that pets make us less stressed, so if you’ve noticed you are feeling stressed or even depressed, a pet might be the thing to perk you up. You should always talk to your doctor, however, if you are feeling more stress or depression than normal.

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